Sous Vide Tenderloin

A juicy, perfect steak. Is there anything better? Try using a sous vide cooker! A sous vide cooker cooks food evenly at a temperature that is just right, so that you can always be sure that the meat will retain optimal juiciness. The cooker preserves the essential nutrients and seals in all the flavours. Try for instance this delicious tenderloin with grilled peppers!


beef tenderloin steaks

fresh rosemary





Heat the sous vide cooker to 53°C degrees. Season the steaks with salt and pepper on both sides. Put the steaks in a plastic bag and add a sprig of rosemary for more flavour. Place the steaks in the cooker in the sealed plastic bags. A suitable cooking time for a three-centimetre-thick steak is 3 hours. The steaks can also stay in the cooker while they wait to be fried.

When it is time to serve the steaks, fry them quickly in a very hot frying pan or grill pan. You can also grill the steaks.

Cover the steaks with tin foil and allow them to settle for a moment after frying. In the meantime, you can grill some peppers seasoned with herbs and olive oil to accompany the steaks.

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