Why choose cast aluminum cookware or frying pans?

Cast aluminum conducts and retains heat extremely well. The efficient heat conduction and retention guarantee excellent results in frying and searing food. These characteristics also make cast aluminum ideal for stews that involve slow cooking for long periods of time.

It is often said that cast aluminum is equipped with the heat distribution and retention properties of cast iron, while being considerably more convenient to handle. Ease of handling compared to cast iron is due to the light weight of the material and the ceramic nonstick coating. This type of coating withstands high temperatures well, but requires only a small amount of grease for frying and is easy to clean.

Glass lids that fit frying pans, pots and saucepans have silicone brims with steam venting holes. The stylish imitation wood non-slip handle ensures a good grip. The handle is made from bakelite. You can also use the products in the oven at temperatures of up to 150 degrees, which is the maximum thermal resistance of the handles. Products in the cast aluminum range can be used on all hobs.

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