Towards more sustainable choices

We build the Maku Kitchen Life range around the joy of cooking, good food and togetherness. We look for more sustainable materials and solutions to help our customers extend the life of products and materials.

Responsible supply chains

Maku products are manufactured in Europe, Finland and the Far East in factories that, if located in a high-risk country, are committed to the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct by signing the document or are audited by a third party. We use the amfori Country Risk Classification as our risk country classification.

The Maku Kitchen life brand is owned by the Finnish family-owned company Tammer Brands Oy. Tammer Brands is a member of the Amfori BSCI network of companies, which aims to improve social performance in international supply chains and harmonize supplier monitoring. The Amfori BSCI system is based on the UN’s and ILO’s conventions on human rights and working conditions.

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Long-life products and sustainable materials

Carefully finished to the last detail, the products in the Maku kitchen range are of high quality, durable and easy to use. The included instructions for use and care will help you keep your products in use for a long time. The range also includes products that reduce waste and food waste in everyday use. We aim to increase the use of recycled materials in our products.


We aim to reduce the amount of packaging materials used in our products without compromising on product protection. In particular, we are committed to reducing the amount of plastic in packaging. We favour recyclable packaging materials such as cardboard. Packaging recycling instructions are marked on the packaging.

Responsible Choice label

Responsible Choice label

The label is Tammer Brands’ own symbol; it indicates that the product has been manufactured with sustainability in mind.

Responsible Choice products