A full-bodied coffee with plenty of aroma is a true pleasure.

In addition to the quality of the coffee grounds and water, the taste of coffee is affected by the preparation method and correct serving. Good coffee can be made by filtering, or also by using a stovetop espresso maker or a French press pot. Select your favourite coffee type and store the coffee tightly sealed in its own package, at room temperature and away from direct light. To ensure fresh coffee rich in vibrancy, grind whole coffee beans just before preparing the coffee.



Using a French press pot

First, warm the press pot using hot water. In the bottom of the pot, measure a spoonful (7 grams) of ground coffee per cup. Pour hot water into the pot and stir.  Place the filter-mesh plunger on top of the press and allow the coffee to brew for 3–5 minutes. Slowly press down the filter plunger. The coffee is now ready to enjoy.

Using a stovetop espresso maker

Fill the lower container of the coffeemaker with cold water up to the valve. Lightly fill the sieve with ground coffee to the top, but do not press down. For best results, use a mediumcoarse grind. Screw the sieve and the pot section in place and set the pot on to a hot hub. Take the pot off  as soon as it starts bubbling, and serve the coffee immediately.

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