The secret to crispy tofu

I cooked up some tofu stir fry with teriyaki sauce. People often ask me for tips on how to make tofu crispy. The secret is to press the tofu and then fry it in a dry pan. If you fry the tofu in oil while it’s wet, you won’t get that crispy finish. Because of this, I always fry the tofu in advance and then fry the rest of the stir fry ingredients in a separate batch. I also always wait until the end to add the sauce.

We ate these delicious treats off of a stoneware dish in line with the Asian theme, which, by the way, is machine-washable. The finishing touch to the presentation was provided by gold-colored chopsticks, which are actually made from durable stainless steel that will serve you for many years. I recommend washing the chopsticks by hand to preserve the gilding, however.


Savusuolaa-blogger Janica Brander


You’ll find Janica´s tofu wok recipe in here.

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