Setting up a buffet table

The best way to serve food in big events is often buffet table. But what order should you arrange the dishes and food on the table? Here’s a look at a tried and tested arrangement and a few tips on how to organise a good buffet table. Have a nice party!

The order of the table

– Place plates, cutlery and napkins at the starting point.
– The dishes are served at the table in the order in which they are eaten, i.e. starters first, then main courses and finally desserts. Desserts may have their own table, if possible.
– Place the cold dishes on the table before the hot dishes.
– Fish dishes should be served before meat dishes and mild-flavoured dishes before strong-flavoured dishes.
– Place drinks, breads and spreads where they can be easily taken to complement the meal. You can also set aside a separate table for them.

Other tips for smooth buffet dining

Diners are usually interested in what’s on the buffet table. So either display the full menu at the beginning of the table or write what each dish is about. In particular, it is a good idea to clearly indicate any special dietary information.

It is a good idea to reserve 1-3 plates per person. Guests may take a new plate when they come back for more food.

Pies, etc. should be pre-cut and, for example, bunch of grapes should be cut into smaller clusters so that they can be taken with one hand. However, you should leave enough space on the table for the plates, as some foods require two hands to be picked up. If the table is wide enough, you can place pre-cut dishes in the middle, and self-portioned dishes and salads in the foreground.

Also reserve a place for used dishes and food waste. This way, guests don’t have to worry about where to put dirty dishes when they’ve finished eating.

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