In the kitchen we are now relishing with the beautiful colours and the striking wood grains of acacia.

Acacia’s vibrant colours and stunning wood grains represent nature’s own unmistakable design at its best. The beautiful reddish-brown colours, unique wood grain patterns and hardness of the material have made acacia wood products very popular in the kitchen. Maku Kitchen Life now offers a range of acacia wood serving dishes that are ideal for serving cheeses, fruit and other snacks.
Acacia products can be easily combined with other dishes. For example, with Maku Kitchen Life’s Robuste range, they form a beautifully complementary whole.

Tapaspöydässä akasia-tarjoiluastioita sekä Robuste-astioita.


The acacia also pairs beautifully with the white Maku porcelain dish set.


Acacia products should be hand washed and dried with a clean cloth. To prolong the life of the product, treat it occasionally with vegetable oil.

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