Maku Kitchen Life at the Loviisa Housing Fair 7 July – 6 August 2023

Maku Kitchen Life made its way into the kitchens and dining tables of many great houses at the Loviisa Housing Fair. Every product in the Maku Kitchen collection is carefully finished. This ensures that the products are of good quality and combinable. Thanks to their simple and elegant design, the products fit into a wide variety of kitchens.


Maku products could be seen at the following locations at the Housing Fair:

Houses 3 and 4: Pikku Maininki and Iso Maininki
House 10: Villa Kuningatar
House 11: Villa Sten
House 12: Cabin Havsstrand
House 17: Villa Havet
House 19: Kuningattarenhelmi
House 22: Villa Panelo
House 25: Villa Kungen

The products were also on display at the Loviisa Sähköpiste stand throughout the fair.


Here are a few products you may have come across at the fair.


Below you can see some pictures of Maku products at the housing fair.




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