With palm leaf plates, you can make stylish and environmentally friendly table settings

Sometimes there are situations when it is difficult to use the normal plates or you simply don’t want to do the dishes. However, ordinary disposable plates may seem too everyday or you may need more sturdy containers than usual.

A stylish solution to this problem is the Maku Kitchen Life palm leaf plates. They have a beautiful, unique surface due to the natural colour variation of the palm leaves. The plates are very sturdy, so it is also easy to eat without a table, holding the plate in hand. The  palm leaf plates are also an environmentally friendly choice, as they are biodegradable and can be disposed of by incineration.

Bamboo knives and forks match beautifully with palm leaf plates and are also an environmentally friendly alternative to many other disposable materials. They can be hand washed and reused or disposed of by incineration if desired.

Maku Kitchen Life wishes everyone a wonderful holiday as well as joyful picnics and outings with delicious food and loved ones.

Kesäinen kattaus järven rannalla / Summery table setting.

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