Parsnip potato purée

The slightly nutty, sweet flavour of parsnip imparts a new note to a root vegetable purée, a companion to traditional potato in this recipe.

Parsnip is a member of the carrot family. It is just as diverse as any root vegetable for all dishes. It’s known as a vegetable for making stock for soups, but it also works wonderfully in stews, veggie burgers, pastries and even just on its own.

You can read more about the parsnip on the Satokausikalenteri (Seasonal Produce Calendar) website.


3 parsnips

3 potatoes

35 g butter

250–300 ml whole milk

1 tsp salt


Peel and dice the parsnips and potatoes. Cook the vegetables in boiling water until tender. Pour off the cooking liquid. First mash with a potato masher, then add the butter, milk and salt, and then whip with an electric beater to a light purée.

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