Pan-fried Baltic herring, Scandinavian style!

Baltic herring is an excellent and affordable fish with amazing nutritional value. You can make many dishes with it: pickled herring, herring casserole, smoked herring or the classic Scandinavian pan-fried herring.

You will be surprised when you keep an open mind and give it a try!


600 g Baltic herring filets
55 g rye flour
White pepper
Fresh dill, chopped
Fresh lemon

Butter for frying


Rinse off and dry the herring fillets. Season the rye flour with salt, white pepper and dill. Arrange half the fillets on a baking mat skin side down and season with salt and white pepper and sprinkle with dill. Place the rest of the fillets on top, skin side up, then dredge the parcels in the seasoned flour. Fry in plenty of butter, about 3 minutes per side. Serve with lemon wedges.

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