Why would you choose a cast iron pot or pan?

Cast iron is a durable material that, if cared for properly, will only get better with age! It is quite heavy as a material and the weight is increased by the fact that the walls of the pots and pans are also quite thick.

So why choose a cast iron pot or pan?

Cast iron conducts and absorbs heat slowly and evenly. Because of its high mass, it has a high heat storage capacity. A cast iron pot or pan surrounds the food with an even layer of heat, allowing it to cook at a low temperature. Cast iron is therefore ideal for cooking braised foods, for example. When placed on the table, stylish cast iron pots and pans keep food warm for a long time.

Almost all Maku Kitchen Life cast iron products have a matt enamelling.

Cast iron pans should not be used to store food for long periods of time as this can rust the surface. The matt enamelling on the inside protects the surface from rusting and the treatment makes the pan easy to clean. A matt enamelled pan can be washed with mild soapy water, then carefully dried and preferably oiled.

After matting, the product has a porous surface. Due to the porous structure, it is recommended to oil matt-finished products from time to time. However, matt enamelled cast iron does not require the same level of fat burning as untreated cast iron.


Maku pots and pans are suitable for all types of cookers. Cast iron should not be overheated, as too rapid a heat cycle may damage it. However, cast iron products are a very durable choice, as they are almost eternal when properly maintained.


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