Dumplings with pork filling

30 pieces



6 dl wheat flour

0.5 dl salt

2.5 dl cold water



400 g ground pork

150 g cabbage

2 cloves of garlic

a thumb-sized piece of grated ginger

1 teaspoon salt

1.5 tablespoons brown sugar

dash of black pepper

sesame oil for sautéing


Start by making the dough. Mix the flour and salt in a bowl. Slowly add in the cold water while stirring. Knead the dough for a few minutes, then roll it into a ball and let sit under a cloth in the refrigerator for half and hour.

While the dough is cooling, make the filling. Shred the cabbage, ginger and garlic. Sauté the vegetables in a pan with some sesame oil until golden. Season the mixture with the sugar, half a teaspoon of salt and a dash of black pepper.

Mix the rest of the salt into the ground pork by hand. Knead the fried cabbage mixture into the meat. Cook a small piece of the meat in the microwave, taste and add more spices into the mix, if necessary.

Place the dough on a floured working surface. Roll the dough into a 30 cm log. Cut the log into three pieces, then cut each piece into 10 smaller pieces.

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