There are several benefits to using fridge organizers

Fridge organizers allow you to organise the contents of your fridge into different categories, such as fruit, vegetables, dairy products, meat, cheese, etc. This makes it easy to find products and prevents them from getting mixed up or forgotten at the back of the cupboard.

The boxes help to optimise the use of fridge space, as they can be stacked on top of each other or placed between the fridge shelves. This allows you to make efficient use of the height and width of the fridge, so you can fit more food in it.


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Refrigerator organizers help keep the fridge clean and fresh by preventing food from spilling, dripping or splashing inside the fridge. They also slow down the drying, moulding or spoilage of food, as you can keep food tightly sealed if you wish. In addition, they reduce odours in the refrigerator by isolating the smells of the food from each other.


The Maku range includes two different sets of fridge organizers – SAVE and INVEST. Both come in a few sets with different box sizes, making it easy to put together a combination to suit your fridge.



Material: polypropylene




Material: PET





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