The Simple tableware set is simple and down to earth

Now that it’s becoming clear that winter has come once again, one just wants to build a nest, fortify in there and line it with everything beautiful, delicious and warm.

Winter trends include e.g. earthy colors, round shapes, and ceramic materials. Simple tableware are all that, so they are just like made for a cozy kitchen. The set is so beautiful in its simplicity and practicality that it can very well be used in a table setting or displayed on an open shelf. But unlike a plate purchased from a souvenir booth, these dishes endure a microwave, oven, freezer as well as a dishwasher. And because the Maku range also has its softer side, it includes kitchen textiles that match the colors of the Simple tableware, with patterns that continue the same natural and simple line.


Lovely oven roots are very suitable for the uncomplicated and down-to-earth theme, and you can find a recipe here.

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