Miss Raunio’s easy mocktail with mint and sparkling wine and tips for creating a festive atmosphere

It’s nice to get together with friends and loved ones and raise a toast. But why wouldn’t you make the mocktails or cocktails yourself? Here are a few tips to help you create a festive atmosphere with your drinks.

It all starts with the ingredients, so it’s worth investing in them. The cheapest alcohol and the cheapest fresh juice rarely come together to create a symphony of flavours, so pay attention to what you’re making your mocktails and cocktails from. If possible, favour locally sourced and organic products.

For example, quality, freshly pressed apple juice is the perfect base for many mocktails and cocktails. I personally use it in my non-alcoholic mojitos. Apple juice gives drinks a nice lift. It’s worth a try!

Of course, the same goes for drinks as for food – a table setting is half the dish and a beautiful table setting is the whole dish, or when it comes to drinks, the beautiful presentation is the whole cocktail.

I like to garnish cocktails and mocktails with mint leaves, raspberries and edible flowers. In addition to these, my favourite decorations are the highbush blackberries on top of the glass in a cocktail stick. They are available almost in any shop and don’t droop away immediately. From the stick, it is convenient to nibble the blueberries in your mouth, a bit like a greeting from the kitchen. Simple, but handy!

Whatever you put in your glass, pay attention to the glass itself. A tall sparkling wine glass with a foot creates and festive atmosphere and is also nice to toast with.

Polish the glasses and set the table beautifully. Light the candles and bring in a cheerful spirit and good company.



The secret of this mint mocktail is the homemade mint syrup. The mint syrup adds freshness and gentleness to the drink. Make a whole jug of the syrup at once and try it not only in mocktails and cocktails but also in tea, you might be pleasantly surprised! You can store the mint syrup in the fridge in a jug or carafe for a few weeks.


Mint mocktail

Homemade mint syrup

Non-alcoholic sparkling wine, e.g. the elegant French Oddbird Non-alcoholic Blanc de Blanch

Mint leaves


Pour 2-3cl of mint syrup into the bottom of a sparkling wine glass and top up with a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Stir gently. Place a few mint leaves on top of the drink for decoration and aroma.

You can also sprinkle a little powdered sugar over the mint leaves if you wish.


Mint syrup

3 dl water

3 dl sugar

Leaves and stems of one potted mint


Bring all the ingredients to the boil in a saucepan. Allow the mint to infuse over a low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring a few times. Strain out the mint leaves and freeze the syrup. Pour the mint syrup into a carafe or jug. Store in a cool place.

The mint mocktail is ideal as an appetizer, for socialising or even as a dessert at the dinner table. You can also swap the non-alcoholic sparkling wine for an alcoholic sparkling wine such as prosecco. Mint syrup goes quite well with both versions.



Miss Raunio

Food and Drink Ambassador


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